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  • Improving your lawn in Hobart

    Improving Lawn Soil The soils underneath our lawns are more responsible for delivering good lawn health than anything else. Lawn soils provide nutrients (food), water and oxygen to the grass, and if any of these things aren't right, we simply cannot grow a strong healthy lawn. So if we have...
  • Fantastic news- House Plants are back

    Tasmania have seen a resurgence of house plants becoming fashionable with home owners and within interior decoration. It makes perfect sense, that with our gardens becoming self sustainable and the effect of global green house gasses that we immediately protect our environment and what better place to start that with...
  • What To Do In The Garden This October

    October is a month of great activity in the garden. The earth has warmed and we experience the excitement of change in the garden from one day to the next. Lots of planting and lots of growing as the wonder of spring unfolds before us. Plant seedlings of summer flowering...

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