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Caring for your Desert Rose

Commonly known as Desert Rose, Adenium obesum is a very hardy drought tolerant plant from Africa and the Middle East. The Desert Rose is actually more related to Frangipani than they are to roses.

This spectacular plant is in fact a type of succulent, storing water in it's thick bottle base/ trunk. In Tasmania the Desert Rose is grown as an Indoor houseplant and can be kept in a pot to maintain a small bushy habit and often take the shape of a natural looking gnarled bonsai

Adenium like an open, well-drained mix, our Debco Succulent & Cacti mix is ideal. Fertilise with a slow release fertiliser and a liquid Seasol every now and then. Adenium obesum are very hardy plants, but they're also quite sensitive to how much water they get. If over watered they will rot and if under watered they can stress and begin to drop their leaves and flowers. Water more regularly in the dryer months and much less in the cooler months. (Avoid letting your plant sit in a saucer of water as this may be too much)

We are really excited to be growing these here in our glasshouse, exclusively for Harmony and our wonderful Harmony Houseplant community. Check them out and please add to this blog!

(First image is an advanced specimen via worldofsucculents.com)