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Fantastic news- House Plants are back

Tasmania have seen a resurgence of house plants becoming fashionable with home owners and within interior decoration. It makes perfect sense, that with our gardens becoming self sustainable and the effect of global green house gasses that we immediately protect our environment and what better place to start that with our home.The economic consequences of polluted indoor air can't be ignored either; one Australian study estimated that the cost of unhealthy indoor air in that country exceeds $12 billion annually, this study was based upon , losses of worker productivity, higher medical costs, and increased absenteeism.

Our most popular house plants include

  • Monstera deliciosa - Fruit Salad plant
  • Monstera adansonii- Swiss Cheese plant
  • Pilea pepermioides-Chinese Money Plant
  • Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'-Devils ivy
  • Epipremnum 'Goldilocks'-Neon pothos

At Harmony we have acted on the trend and are now well stocked with Indoor house plants and can offer expert advice on the right plant for your location