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Growing Broad-beans in Tasmania

Broad beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in your veggie patch and thrive in our cool Tasmanian climate. Unlike many other food-crops broad beans actually grow best from being directly sown from seed rather than purchasing readily grown seedling plants and now's the perfect time to sow them!.

follow our simple growing tips and you'll be guaranteed a bumper crop

  • Sow from March-May
  • Choose an open, sunny position for planting and avoid over watering the first two weeks as the beans are prone to rotting.
  • Best grown in organically enriched , well-drained soils with a neutral PH
  • Its best to sow seed when growing broad beans you will get far better results than if choosing plants.
  • While¬†broad beans are self-supporting when young as they get taller they benefit from support
  • Plant broad beans in double rows so the plants can lean on each other and a little support from stakes or wire will greatly help as they get top heavy.


Prepare soil well ahead of planting by adding compost or manure is helpful as these manures have low nitrogen content, interestingly broad beans produce their own nitrogen so its best to avoid using fertilisers that are high in nitrogen like chicken poo!

I recall being force-fed broad beans (also known as fava bean) as a child however I must admit that home grown broad beans have fantastic flavor compared to those that you'd find in the supermarket and an easy winter crop to grow...why not give them a try!

Did you know?

Broad beans are great to use as a green manure crop! After cropping simply dig the foliage back into the soil for a great soil conditioner. This will improve your veggie garden's soils structure whilst adding valuable natural occurring nitrogen.