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Growing Caladium in Tasmania

The paper-thin, heart-shaped leaves of this tropical native are spectacularly decorated, enough to rival even the showiest flowering plant. Masses of magnificent leaves grow above tall, slender stems. Leaf patterns and colors can vary widely, from our best seller Caladium  Key Lime which has white leaves with green veins, to the blush pink & green tones of Caladium Red belly,there are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from

In Tasmania many gardeners grow Caladiums as houseplants, indoor's. Growing Caladium as indoor plants has its challenges, though, as the plant requires high humidity and heated home interiors are generally quite arid.Indoor Caladium plants require a medium light area with protection from midday sun, which can scorch the leaves.

Plants growing in regions that experience cold winters could be planted in containers to facilitate moving them inside when frosts threaten, producing leaves only from spring to late Autumn prior to resting and dying back over winter. You can extend the foliage display of your Caladium a little bit by bringing containers indoors, but eventually the leaves will die back and the tuber will go dormant until warm temperatures arrive. Still, bringing plants inside in containers will preserve the tubers and prevent them from sustaining damage in winter outdoor conditions.