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Venus flytrap

Did you know... Unlike most plants, Venus flytraps are carnivorous, which means they actually eat meat.

The fascinating thing about this plant is how it eats its prey. Flytraps lure insects by the fragrant nectar they secrete. When bugs land in the jaws of the flytrap, it doesn't shut straight away. Sensory hairs, called trichomes, on the inside of the jaws count the movements from the insect and on the second movement, the plant snaps its jaws shut! The bristles on the edges of the leaves work like jail bars to prevent the insect from escaping. When they close, they close by around 90-95% and if the prey begins to struggle, it sends a signal and will close completely. Amazing!

Once they have their prey, they emit digestive enzymes which breakdown the outer skeleton before taking in the nitrogen from the insects blood.

Too many flies however will over feed the plants so best not to force feed them and let nature take its course. Each 'mouth' can only opened and close around 4-5 times before dying off which is why it is advised not to poke them...although it is tempting.