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Eco Buddies -Gracey 'Lacewing'

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Eco Buddies -Gracey 'Lacewing'

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Gracey is a green lacewing (Mallada signata) native to Australia.  Adults feed on pollen and nectar but the juveniles are voracious predators and will feed on a broad range of pests.  Gracey juveniles (sometimes called antlions) will eat almost any small insect or egg they can find.  They are particularly effective at controlling aphids and can consume 60 in an hour.

Supplied as 100 eggs which hatch quickly and begin feasting immediately! 

Gracey is sent via Express Post and is usually received in approximately 7-10days.  Dispatch is planned to minimise transit time with Australia Post and will be  generally shipped early the following week of ordering.

Main Target Pests

  • Aphids

Other Target Pests

  • Twospotted mite
  • Greenhouse whitefly juveniles
  • Scale (not all species)
  • Mealybug
  • Thrips
  • Moth eggs
  • Small caterpillars

Release Information
Gracey should be ordered at the first sign of pests before their numbers get out of control.  Do not order Gracey if systemic pesticides have been used within 4-6 weeks as most are harmful to beneficial insects. If pest numbers are already high spray with eco-oil or eco-neem first to reduce populations before ordering Gracey. These sprays are safe for Gracey as is the rest of the eco-organic garden range.

Gracey eggs come mixed with vermiculite and a small quantity of sterilized moth eggs for food. Tap equal amounts of mixture into the supplied release boxes and hang in plants close to pest populations.

A minimum of 1 to 5 lacewing larvae per plant is recommended depending on pest levels on the plant. It is best to release Gracey in pest ‘hot spots’ to ensure larvae have an immediate food supply.

If the pest problem is severe we recommend you order a follow up batch of Gracey after 2 weeks. Lacewings only eat pests during their larval stage so multiple releases will ensure a constant presence of larvae to get on top of large pest numbers.

Adult lacewings will establish and persist in your garden if nectar and pollen are present. The Bed & Breakfast Seed Mix should be sown close to where you would like Gracey to be actively working in your garden. Avoid the use of chemical sprays as most are toxic to lacewings. The eco-organic garden sprays are known to be safe however.