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What to do this month




By Harmony Garden Centre

Let's get growing 


Discover the goodness of 'homegrown' in the veggie garden. Now is the time for sowing or planting vegetables including asian greens, beans, beetroot, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, celery, cress,kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, okra, onions, parsnip, peas, radish, spinach, swede, potato, strawberries, turnip and tomato sweetpotato for an early planting crop but will both need adequate protection





  • Job List

  • Keep deadheading late winter/ early spring flowering annuals such a Primulas, Pansy, Cineraria, and feed weekly with a good liquid food - this will help prolong flowering and give you colour until summer annuals come to life.
  • Seedlings of spring and summer flowering summer annuals including Alyssum, Lobelia, Pansy, Viola, Seaside daisy, Polyanthus, Nemesia, Sweet Pea can be planted now and petunia ,marigold and impatiens once the risk of frost has passed.
  • Choose and plant Camellias now while they are in flower and you can choose your preferred colour.
  • Start feeding roses with Rose fertiliser - water well after feeding or feed after rain
  • Fertilise the entire garden a good all-purpose fertiliser for the bumper growth of the spring months ahead.
  • Now is a good time to start cleaning up pots and hanging baskets in preparation for new planting. Throw out any old tired potting mix and start afresh for best results. Remember to add in some water storage crystals to minimise summer watering.
  • Use gypsum or powerfeed to increase drainage in clay soil
  • Keep on top of weeds - be wary if you let them go to seed the problem will worsen
  • Feed citrus and spray with Scale Gun to control sooty mould
  • Spray Fruit trees for leaf curl as buds swell and just before opening-ask us how
  • Set codling moth traps and replace old ones with refill as apples, quinces and pears start to flower
  • Mulch fruit trees with sugar cane mulch or pea straw
  • Keep an eye for out for aphids. These are already being reported on peaches, cherry trees and roses. Aphids can be controlled by Pyrethrum however we use Yates confidor as it offers longer protection and generally better results
  • If azaleas are not looking as good as they should, check for leafminer and treat with Yates confidor, ask us how
  • Lawn grubs numbers will be starting to ramp up, feeding on your lawn creating brown patches and unhealthy green grass. 
  • Use Epsom salts to control yellowing leaves on Daphne 
  • Repot aquatic plants and feed
  • Now is the perfect time to begin a herb garden! Use our herb growing mix!