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What to do this month

May Gardening 

Now is an excellent time to plant broccoli, broad beans, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, lettuce, leeks, kale, turnips.Our fresh locally grown Tasmanian garlic has been hugely popular and are still available to plant out now.
If you have a warm protected position you can also consider sowing an early crop of pea seed and in frost free areas a patch of Pinkeye seed potatoes. Add a layer of Pea straw or Sugar Cane mulch as the leaves emerge to help protect the potatoes from frost.Be sure to harvest basil and pumpkins before frost strikes. Tomato plants can be pulled from the ground and hung upside down in a protected place allowing the green fruit to continue ripening..




Broad beans can be easily grown from seed and will produce a huge crop that can be stored or frozen.Choose an open, sunny position for planting and avoid over watering the first two weeks as the beans are prone to rotting. Its best to sow seed when growing broad beans you will get far better results than if choosing plants.  While broad beans are self-supporting when young as they get taller they benefit from support, I've found it beneficial to plant them in double rows so the plants can lean on each other and a little support from stakes or wire will greatly help as they get top heavy.
Home grown broad beans have fantastic flavour that only ‘home grown’ have. Broad Beans are an easy winter crop to grow and filled with natural goodness...why not give them a try!

Our new season's bulbs are now arriving. There are few other groups of plants so versatile or easy to cultivate as bulbs. There is an amazing selection available to select the colour, size or variety to suit your garden or colour scheme.  Be early for very best selection and the value of our multi-buy and bulk buy offers to give you great value on quality stock.




  • Move Cymbidium Orchids into a protected sunny position which will help to encourage good flower spikes and feed with Orchid blooming fertiliser
  • Its your last chance to repair or sow new lawns prior to the cold weather arriving.  If sowing a new lawn be sure to add a lawn starter fertiliser as each lawn seed will benefit from the nearby fertiliser granules and the result will be better germination, rapid root development, balanced leaf growth and a much healthier, stronger new lawn.
  • Prune old Raspberry canes and thin the root mass ....(ask us how) leave the emerging new seasons growth and then ideally add moo poo and mulch with Pea Straw
  • Winter will also see attack from lawn grubs. Try and avoid cutting your lawn too short as this often leads to less healthy lawn which is attractive to lawn grubs...ask us how to treat
  • Lift and divide lilium bulbs, remove any diseased or dead material and prepare the ground to replant in June.
  • If you don't have a compost heap, it's time to start one. Autumn leaves are a fantastic source of nutrients and organic matter and they are now plentiful!
  • If you have a pond now is a great time to give your pump a clean-Check out our upcoming workshop 
  • Reduce the water to indoor plants, a great time to remove any old leaves or debris from the surface of the potting mix and feed with aquasol or thrive.
  • Hydrangea plants can be pruned at the end of May- late July.



Did you know?

Our 'Plant Runner' ready to use neem oil is created using 100% certified organic neem seed that has been hand blended with a vegetable based wetting agent. It can be used as both a leaf shine, fungicide and organic insecticide, effective against indoor plant pest like mealy bug, aphid, fungus gnats and scale. 

It contains organic sulphur, proteins and various beneficial trace elements and can be used safely around pets and children