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What to do this month



By Harmony Garden Centre



The shortest day has now passed by and it is the perfect time to sow onion seed or plant seedlings. Choose a sunny well drained position which has been generously limed.  If sowing onions from seed ensure good viable, fresh seed is used and not old seed from the previous year. Add a little washed river sand or propagation sand, allowing the seed to be more evenly distributed and gently dribble the seed into the drill.  Germination is quick and will only take 3-4 weeks.


As the soil temperature warms up, sow fresh seeds (not last year’s leftovers) of Carrot, Parsnip,Beans,Peas and Beetroot. Cover with seed raising mix to 2 or 3 times the thickness of the seed to improve germination. plant asian greens,  broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cress, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, spinach, swede, potato, strawberries, turnip and if you have a glasshouse some early tomato


  • Spray Fruit Trees - Now’s the time to control peaches, nectarines and apricots for leaf curl and brown rot of stone fruit. Leaf Curl is a fungal disease which over-winters in the crevices of the tree bark and around the buds. Copper based mixture or lime sulphur are two fungicides often used and must be sprayed now as the bud swell (pink bud stage)  ...Ask us how!
  • Prepare heavy soils - Use gypsum or Power-feed to increase drainage in clay soil
  • Codling Moths - Set codling moth traps and replace old ones with refill as apples and pears start to flower
  • Berry Care - Spray berry fruit with Mancozeb to control rust and mildew. New seasons berries are available for planting now.
  • Last Chance Pruning - Have you pruned your roses yet?......August is really the last chance to give you're roses the seasonal winter prune before spring
  • Lawn Care - Lawn grub numbers will be starting to ramp up feeding on your lawn creating brown patches and unhealthy green grass, treat with Yates Complete Insect Control , this insecticide works on contact to kill surface pests in addition to working systemically to absorb into grass and roots to kill pests in the soil. The unique formula provides continuing season long protection against pests.
  • Think Spring Colour - We have loads of colour now arriving with spring just around the corner so why not pop in, choose a pot and plant and leave the rest to us...as a loyalty club member we would be delighted to pot up your plant and pot purchase for free